Introduction to Literary Studies II

This course, as its title suggests, is part 2 of the introduction to literary studies in the English & American Studies program. Whereas "Intro I" offered an introduction to literary studies in general and the analysis of poetry, "Intro II" focuses on prose and drama. We will thus discuss different ways of analyzing and interpreting these literary forms, garnished with examples taken from comics, film, and television.

In addition to discussing various texts and certain tools to approach them in an academic way, we will freshen up your memory concerning conducting research in literary and cultural studies and work on your writing skills. Finally, one of the purposes of this course is to prepare you for the General Intermediate Exam in English and American Literature (aka 'Fachprüfung 1').

The aim of this course is to offer a basic understanding of the operating principles of narrative and dramatic texts and to introduce you to practical and theoretical aspects of academic work, especially, of course, in the field of literary studies. This introductory seminar will help you become more competent and sensitive readers and develop descriptive and analytical skills that will serve as the foundations for your college careers in literary studies.

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